The project will cover four countries, namely Greece, Albania, Cyprus and Bulgaria.

In Greece, the application area will be the Attica Region, where LP operates as the regional public body responsible for solid waste management. Attica region encompasses the entire metropolitan area of Athens, the capital of Greece. Circa 3,750,000 people live in the region (approximately 40% of the total Greek Population), generating nearly 45% of the country’s total waste balance.

A full inventory and mapping of all possible and potential sources of solid waste, including small, medium and large enterprises, with quantitative and qualitative characteristics (including spatial characteristics, categorization-metals/plastics/organic waste/etc., requirements for treatment before reuse) will be performed.

At the same time, a unique waste management and storage unit for solid waste, located in Attica and controlled by the LP, will be capitalized as a testbed for the purposes of SWAN, in order to test implementation of selected business models, and contributing to the viability aspects of the project.

In the remaining partner countries, project activities will be carried out at national level. All medium and large industries will be recorded, along with the characteristics of the available solid waste flows. The parallel objective will be to identify regions which could act as the basis for the development of industrial symbiosis clusters based on solid waste.

In addition, project partners in Albania, Cyprus and Bulgaria will get in contact with selected stakeholders in the identified regions, in order to validate the proposed business models and plan for further funding to implement them, thus ensuring the continuation of the SWAN legacy.